4 Bedroom
Executive Villa

With plenty of room to
accommodate your group

Alpine 4 Bedroom Executive Villa

Your Luxurious
Mountain Retreat

Introducing our exquisitely designed and inviting villa, a cherished gem that has garnered continuous acclaim since its debut in 2015. This fully furnished masterpiece boasts four lavishly appointed bedrooms, each complete with its own attached bathroom.

Step into a capacious lounge that welcomes you with open arms, providing the perfect space for relaxation and connection. Beyond the lounge, a private patio awaits, adorned with a lush, emerald-green lawn that opens up to a mesmerizing panorama of the Azad Kashmir mountains.

As the sun sets, envelop yourself in the serenity of this mountain haven and savor the pleasure of lounging on one of the most captivating terraces in our paradise amongst the peaks. Your journey to tranquility begins here.


Elegantly Charming and Intimately Inviting

Discover the epitome of elegance within our thoughtfully designed villas. Step into a world where sophistication meets warmth, as our spacious living areas help you unwind beside the warm embrace of a wood-burning fireplace. Each villa boasts generously sized bedrooms that envelop you in comfort and luxury.

A Haven for All Ages

At Alpine Villas, we cherish the joy of every member of your family. For our younger guests, a dedicated children’s play area awaits, ensuring that the enchantment of our luxury villas extends to guests of all ages.

Capturing Moments Within

Indulge your senses in a visual journey through the heart of Alpine’s Villas. Allow us to present a collection of captivating images that encapsulate
the allure found within our premises and its surroundings. These images are a mere glimpse into the tranquility and elegance that await your
arrival at Alpine Villas.



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